Penguin : What To Expect Over Summer

So it’s happened, the SEO apocalypse part 2 arrived. Planes fell out of the sky, there was widespread looting and even acts of cannabilism… It was built up (by some) to be the ultimate SEO spam killer, Penguin 2.0. I know I certainly run huge audits for clients, new and old, to try and ensure [...]

Build more than a team, build careers

2013 has sparked serious debate (doesn’t ever year?) over the long term stability of SEO. You’ve all seen it; “SEO is dying”, “SEO has no future”, “SEO is Dead” (whoops). But do you know what that is? A lack of leadership, inconsistent challenges and few groundbreaking ideas to spark the mind. To me, it seems [...]

Title Tags – Optimising For Users

Title tags are one of those age old on-page factors that everyone learns about first when starting their career in SEO. Back when I was just starting out, 74 characters was your aim and it was a case of putting keyword variations in, separated by commas and don’t look too spammy. Hmm. The next train [...]

Buying Links – It still happens, and it still works

Over the last 18 months to 2 years, there’s been a lot of cleaning up going on in the SEO industry, or tried to anyway. Brands have found new SEO companies to clean up their Link Portfolio. SEO agencies have found themselves clutching at new ways to get their client that coveted number 1 ranking. [...]

Stop Content Marketing

Recently, Iain Laurie released his slide deck called “Let Go Of The Wire“. I highly recommend you read it, it should turn some cogs in your thoughts – it certainly did with me. Which leads me onto what I want to talk about today; Stop doing content marketing. Every 6 months, Matt Cutts tweets something [...]