Stop Content Marketing

Recently, Iain Laurie released his slide deck called “Let Go Of The Wire“. I highly recommend you read it, it should turn some cogs in your thoughts – it certainly did with me. Which leads me onto what I want to talk about today; Stop doing content marketing.

Every 6 months, Matt Cutts tweets something substantial, like a new algorithm update or a series of factors that Google now use/have stopped using to make their SERPs more relevant. In 2011 this huge new buzz word and SEO technique was Infographics. A cool new way for everyone to make something cool for small amounts of money, embed a link then when all of your fans shared it you built yourself 2,493 links per infographic. For a year or so it was all about Outreach and Guest Posts.

This sort of thing became the norm:

“I’m not allowed to buy links anymore :( . But you know, I can pay that same budget to have 5 people with PR4+ blogs let me write the same article with exact match anchor text on their blog – it’s called a guest post!”

Well that was really substantial…

Right now it’s all about Content Marketing. Apparently, if you write 8 blog posts per month, share something 14 times per month and tweet 47.932 times per month, pin 7 pictures AND release 2 infographics then some magic will happen, a rabbit will come out of your hat and you’ll rank number one. SEO really is that easy. That’s why everybody ranks number one right now…

I’m not sure what it is about the SEO industry’s obsession with buzzwords and trends, but it happens (yes myself included!). Every time something comes along and shakes what we as an industry thought was the right way to go about things, then something else comes up and becomes the amazing new technique to do perfect, white hat SEO.


The SEO industry is trying to mature. It needs to mature, definitely. Right now, this means we’ve got to stop with the buzzword obsession and as an industry whole stop trying to look for a quick, cheap and sleazy way to think we can trick the G-Man into thinking our website is incredible and deserves to rank in position 1 for “Shoes” or “Tools” or “SEO”.

If you want people to see your website and buy your product, make it look nice, make the site look really pretty, make it easy to read for a start. How many times have you done a search for a product you’ve never bought before, landed on a site and gone, “Ergh!” and bounced instantly. Compare that to, how many times have you gone on a site and thought “wow…” then continued looking at that site, if only to play with the pretty functions. You’re still exposed. It’s clever and it’s marketing.

That’s what SEO needs to be now, Marketing. No funky 2012/2013/2014 buzzword or funky fad to go with it. Marketing. Making a product you believe in, then helping share that belief with other people via a variety of organic (or natural/free) mediums. If you write a blog about it, great and tell people about that, show some cool things that your products/company/employees do. Share interesting facts. Do something incredible. But stop blogging for the sake of blogging.

I know it was a bit of a ranty post and sorry for the negativity. One of those weeks I think! I’ll blog something more useful later this week :)